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February 11th, 2007

The ‘About Me’ page

snow covered garden

(Thursday 8th of February – London woke up to a blanket of deep snow)


For this week’s blog entry, I’ve decided to spend the time writing ‘About Me’. It’s something I ought to have done right from the beginning of the blog-life & it’s been bugging me… If you like, please follow this link, or use the link from the lefthand column to read it. Thanks!

And remember dearest readers, next Wednesday is Valentine’s Day!! Remember to take this opportunity to treat the special people around you to thank them… Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.

This Saturday’s trade:

As for me, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important events on the calendar as a Chocolatier (together with Easter & Christmas). I’ve been extra busy with making chocolate hearts, heart shaped tarts, & generally more truffles than usual. It was meant to be ‘My’ day. I looked forward to selling out quickly & with extra profit…
BUT, there were two factors working against me;

firstly, Valentine’s Day being another 5 days away, people were not buying my heart shaped tarts as gifts because it won’t last til then. As for the chocolate hearts (with assorted chocolate buttons inside), I did sell out on those, but it felt like it was a struggle too. I blame the second factor that worked against me for this; that there were heavy rain from the morning til 11ish which put people off coming to the outdoor market. – So I had a rather difficult time selling – in the end, I must have stayed on til after 5pm to sell…


  1. hi tamami,
    we missed all the snow, bath had none at all!!!
    Hope the kiddo got to buuild a snowman!
    All is well here, Katie is still ill but A is better. How are you all doing? Still surrounded by boxes and shock horror no freeview and no C5 . So lots of dora dvds being watched.
    say hi o all

    Comment by Nikki - February 11, 2007 6:43 pm

  2. Hi Tamami!
    Thank you for the lovely words you wrote in your ‘About Me’ page. I am so so pleased at how well the stall has worked out for you. I still talk to friends about starting up Coco&Me with you, and remember those early days with so much fondness. You’ve become such a pro now it’s amazing! I love that photo of you surrounded by all your goodies. I look forward to future Coco&Me developments…today Broadway Market, tomorrow the world …!
    See you soon, A. xxx

    Comment by Ari - February 11, 2007 6:55 pm

  3. Hi Nikki! Soo good to hear from you! Both the kiddo & I sincerely miss being able to ‘just’ hop around to your house… I’m glad little A is much better – dunno wether it was the same stuff, but the kiddo had enormous bags under his eyes for several days last week, which reminded me of your A’s condition. – Giggle…, no C5 & watching dora dvd! – Well, I hope you settle down quickly, because y’never know, the kiddo & I may be wanting to come over!
    And dear Ari! Thank you for your most lovely comment. I too look back at what we did with much fondness. I remember how much work we had put in to it, but how it never felt like ‘work’ or indeed ‘hard work’ because we were so enthusiastic! It reminded me of our design college days when we would work on our projects with so much belief & passion. It was v. nice catching up with you the other day, we have to do it again pretty soon!

    Comment by Tamami - February 11, 2007 11:45 pm

  4. Hi Tamami

    I just read the about me section. I am so so proud of you. I’ve been telling all my friends to visit this blog! Seriously, all my respect for pursuing your true passion and you are an inspiration!

    All my love

    Keiko x

    Comment by keiko - February 19, 2007 6:31 pm

  5. Dearest Keiko, ta! And cheers for the good PR work! Keep it up!! And sorry I missed you the other morning. Should’ve stayed around a bit longer… Will try again soon… t xxx

    Comment by Tamami - February 19, 2007 9:29 pm

  6. Good morning,
    Just found your lovely site via ‘Food Porn Watch’. I appreciate the hard work it takes to make what you are doing really succeed. Bravo to you!

    Comment by Karletta - May 29, 2007 4:04 pm

  7. Hello Karletta! Thank you for your lovely comment! I see that you do a chocolate tasting workshop! It’s something I’ve been thinking of doing in the future (if I can get my head around it) so bravo back to you!

    Comment by tamami - May 30, 2007 12:11 am

  8. Hello, I love your blog! I have recently started my market stall. I am wondering the best way to how to best transport my cakes if I get more orders..I am not nearly as developed as you but the way I do it now, I go early and set up my stall then return a couple of hours later with my cake and jellies and chutneys. My specialities are Jamaican Fruit Cake, chutney and jam. Can you suggest the best way to transport several cakes? I currently use wicker baskets lined with fresh cloths. and cover the baked goods in plastic containers

    Comment by marva - August 26, 2009 5:01 pm

  9. Hello Marva. Ah, I used to do something similar first with big tupperwares!! ;)

    Try Reynards. I don’t know wether this supplier delivers to Wales, but I use their stackable card board trays especially designed for transport. Good luck with the stall!!

    Comment by tamami - August 26, 2009 10:32 pm


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