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December 24th, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007


(Christmas Time! I displayed my newly purchased Christmas wreath from Sally Bourne Interiors (I like it because it makes me think of Dragon scales). I also had twigs of Mistletoe on my table, given to me by a neighbouring stall holder.)


(This week’s star product was definitely the chocolate assortment box! All the boxes sold out by 12:40pm!!! – – The truffle flavours were raspberry, hazelnut crunch, classic & caramel.)


(My stall & my bump.)

Saturday 22nd at the market was Madness.

The chocolates were flying off the stall with mesmerizing speed. It was very stressful to keep up with the demand. – Despite pre-filling some of the boxes late Friday night, those filled ones got sold so quick, I was having to fill more boxes while customers waited. Some waited for 20 minutes, while I had to pack the back-orders that kept piling up, & I felt terrible. – And so it was around 12:40pm when I sold-out on them that I finally relaxed, & ripped myself away from the stall table to buy a pain-au-chocolat (from the De Gustibus artisanal bread stall) for breakfast, & pour myself some Rooibos Tea from the thermal flask.

The second best-seller of the week was the ‘Flour-less Chocolate Cake’. They also quickly disappeared off – & was sold out by 1:30pm. I wish I had made more of these cakes & the chocolate truffles… I could have sold a lot lot more – possibly double as much – the opportunity was there – but as D puts it, I’d be crazy to increase work-load as I was at my limits already (more like ‘past’ my limits actually!).


Many customers asked questions on how long these cakes last, as they wanted to serve them on the 25th. Three days is a bit of a big gap for leaving cakes around, especially the ones with fresh fruit like raspberries.

– I know this is gonna sound like I’m a dim-wit, but I didn’t know until I started doing a market stall that every year the week-day goes one forward:

ie: If this year’s Saturday is on the 22nd, next year’s will be on the 21st – although there’s the exceptional years when a February has 29 days (leap year), then it jumps two days forward.

Next Christmas (2008) is such a year & will lie on the 20th. FIVE DAYS away from Christmas Day is a huge gap – I do wonder if it’ll dent the sales… We’ll see I guess…



What are you doing this Christmas? (Or, if you’re reading this post-Xmas, what did you do?) Tell me! I can bet it’ll be better than mine, as…:

The new UK government guideline suggests pregnant women abstain from consuming alcohol completely – so, for me, this Christmas would be spent sober – while everyone around me would be merrily drinking themselves silly…

When I was pregnant first time round (back in 2003), the guidelines were that women can drink one or two units of alcohol (the equivalent of a single glass of wine) once or twice weekly. But this year’s Christmas, I’ll be pulling the crackers & putting a stupid paper hat on rather straight-headed. Oh Joy…



Christmas Recipe:

– Combine loads of good wishes,

– whisk together heart full of love & armful of hugs.

– Sprinkle with laughter & garnish with mistletoe.

– Top off with presents.

– Serves everyone!




Merry Christmas peeps!

Love, t xxx


  1. Merry Christmas from our home in Australia to yours in London!

    Have a wonderful time. The cakes and chocolates look so beautiful :) You deserve a break!

    Comment by sweetrosie - December 24, 2007 10:19 am

  2. Tamami-san,
    bijin!!. 美人ですね!
    Merry Christmas.


    Comment by toyomi - December 24, 2007 11:12 am

  3. Merry Christmas Tamami :).

    Comment by Agnès - December 24, 2007 6:01 pm

  4. Hello Sweetrosie!! Merry Christmas to you too from a very boring ‘grey-sky’ London to you in beautifully warm Australia! Have a fantastic Xmas, & i hope to hear from you again!
    Toyomi-san! (blush…) arigato–! I’m feeling fat & bloated & definately not ‘bijin’ pregnant or not, so I appreciate your compliment! Have a Merry Xmas in Miyako-jima!
    Dear Agnès, Merry Xmas to you too in Germany! I bet you’re drinking glu-wein in beautiful German Christmas markets!
    t xxx

    Comment by tamami - December 24, 2007 7:07 pm

  5. very nice table! love your creations as always…merry x-mas to you Tamami!

    Comment by eliza - December 24, 2007 11:10 pm

  6. Merry Christmas to you too Eliza!! Have a lovely, relaxing, enjoyable holiday!

    Comment by tamami - December 25, 2007 11:15 am

  7. Merry Post Christmas! Wow, that bump is really showing now isn’t it? You do look very “bijin”(beautiful) as Toyomi san says. And those chochies sure do look delicious. Please give my love to D, I and your parents.

    Comment by Akiko - December 25, 2007 8:02 pm

  8. Merry Post Xmas to you too! Yeah, the bump is getting big now – starting to find it awkward to reach things on the floor! Last time in 2003, I got D to cut my toe-nails coz I couldn’t reach ’em anymore! – I hope you had a wonderful Xmas Aki-chan, and that you’re not working yourself too hard this time! I often think it’s a shame we’re not in the same country… big cyber-hug to you instead!

    Comment by tamami - December 26, 2007 11:15 am

  9. I hope you had a wonderful Xmas Tamami!

    My family went crazy for your flourless cake and the box of truffles. My mum’s exact words were ‘Tamami’s chocolates are the best I’ve ever tasted!!’

    Your chocolate creations were a real conversation point at the dinner party. Thank you so much for keeping them aside for me on Saturday. I read your blog about the chocs selling out by lunch time! I’m not surprised – your stall was so eye catching and would make anyone stop in their tracks!

    Hope to see you soon, lots of love,
    Ari. xxx

    Comment by Ari - December 27, 2007 1:42 pm

  10. Hello Ari! I’m sooo happy that your family party enjoyed the chocs & the cake! (your mom has good taste.) ;-) ;-)
    I wished I had more time to speak to you though (& meet your BF) – but you probably saw the slight panic in my eyes…! Your supply of hot-chocolate was essential to keep me going that morning, so cheers for that.
    So, give me a shout next time you’re free & I’ll make my way in to town – maybe we could do our tea-room-exploration-visits again??
    love, t xxx

    Comment by tamami - December 27, 2007 8:00 pm

  11. Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year Tamami and family! Here’s to getting to taste your chocolates in 2008, the thoughts of that caramel truffle has me drooling!

    Comment by Laura - January 1, 2008 11:57 am

  12. Hello Laura! Happy New Year to you! Let’s keep in touch this year too! xxx

    Comment by tamami - January 1, 2008 9:26 pm

  13. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and I really love it! You are clearly a creative and talented person. I also love the boxes you used here for your chocolates. Do you make them yourself? If so, can you give me any tips? Thanks!

    Comment by Pinky Dolphin - April 2, 2014 2:00 pm

  14. Thank you very much Pinky! :) Do you mean the actual cardboard box itself? No, I buy them in! And then stick my label on… !!! x

    Comment by tamami - April 2, 2014 9:51 pm


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