May 10th, 2010

Tommy of ‘This is Naive’

It’s Monday late evening. The children are asleep upstairs & the house has a blissful hush except for the distant humming of the fridge. There’s still washing-up to do in the kitchen from dinner, but instead I sit typing this because I finally have a chance to share with you the exciting news I’ve been dying to tell you since the weekend.
Tommy from ‘This is Naive’ has featured me for her ‘People at work’ series! It comes with a whopping 52 pictures of me & how I work at home & at the market. I’ve never had photographs taken while working in the kitchen, & I am so chuffed to bits – please check it out on her blog page!
Tommy is a Super Woman. Fact. I truly dig her passion for photography, blogging, & honing in on sharpening ‘her very own’ style. I love people who follow through their ‘Passion’ & it was with pleasure that I got to spend time with her for three days in a row! We talked loads & loads – we seem to have similar opinion on a lot of the things!! ^^
So on Thursday I piped, rolled & coated chocolate truffles in front of her.
Coco&Me - Picture taken by Tommy of - Tamami of Broadway Market making chocolate truffles in kitchen - www.cocoandme.comAnd then on Friday, Tommy stayed on a bit longer to photograph the process of:
– lemon drizzle cake (which is her favourite cake)
– baked cheese cake
– lemon cream
– & tart bases filled with crème d’amandes. Coco&Me - Picture taken by Tommy of - Tamami of Broadway Market making tarts & cakes in the kitchen - www.cocoandme.comI didn’t get to show her any of the decorating because it happens at night after the children are in bed… Which is a shame because I would’ve loved Tommy to have taken beautiful pictures for those too!
On Saturday early morning at the Market, Tommy came while I was still setting up. While taking pictures, an eight year old girl who often hangs out with me (her mum is another stall holder) was counting the truffles as she always does. She also told us a few jokes which made us laugh. Wanna know what the joke was? Coco&Me - Picture taken by Tommy of - Tamami at Broadway Market selling cakes & chocolates - www.cocoandme.comLittle girl: “What do you call a blind deer?”
Me: “Er…, I don’t know, I have no idea…”
Little girl: “You silly! It’s No-eye-deer” LOL! “Here’s another one. What do you call a blind deer with no legs?”
Me:“Oh dear… er…, er…”
Little girl: “Still no-eye-deer!!!!”
Me: D’oh!
… Ah yes, a very silly joke indeed, but it still made us laugh okay?!
Anyway, enjoy Tommy’s Coco&Me documentary!
(All three photographs above taken by Tommy of ‘This is Naive’)