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August 29th, 2013

Join me at the Charity Afternoon Tea


Hello~!!!! How are you doing this summer?? :) Is it hot where you live?

Here in UK, we’ve been blessed with great weather pretty much all round! :) For example, around the end of July there was a long stretch of heat-wave too! I don’t mind a bit of hot weather but this heat-wave totally baked me in the kitchen on my weekly bake-a-thons. (Baker being baked on bake-a-thon. Possible tongue twister like Peter Piper?! Lol. sorry… feeling silly obviously.) And as for selling cakes in the hot heat, oh-my-god, standing under the plastic tarpaulin roof at my market stall was soooo unbearable. It was like being in a green house!!
This prolonged hot weather is super unusual in UK weather standards if you ask me! Normally the weather takes a shine on us for about a week, then you abruptly have to wave a involuntarily bye-bye to summer & say a reluctant hello to autumn! Only…, in such summers, what is left is not a tan, but a hardly used sun-protection lotion which gets shelved to dusty oblivion. Disenchanted by the broken promise of summer, you might even imagine the bottle staring back like a Space Odyssey Monolith, ridiculing at the vain hope you’ve once had of using it up.
But here it is. Hot weather! After one of the wettest winters & coldest springs earlier this year, it’s certainly something to be happy about! :)
But enough of weather-talk! I actually wanted to let you know about the event that is coming up at the end of September which I really want to convince you to come!
x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x
My dear friends F & S at The Pastry Network are organizing a Cocktail-style Champagne Afternoon Tea to raise funds* for an exceptionally wonderful charity called Make-A-Wish.
Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions, to enrich their human experience with hope, strength & joy.
This charity makes me think of the famous Japanese idiom “ 病は気から” (yamai-wa-ki-kara), meaning “One’s attitude (spirit) can affect the path of an illness, for better or for worse.” When you feel sad you lose your appetite. When you smile you release endorphins which make you feel good. And when you do turn that frown upside down & have upbeat thoughts, it can physically change your body. I really believe so. 
Moreover, it is not just in physical illness, but when you’re feeling down or when you’re having a hard time, be it at work or in personal life, I faithfully think that actively living your life to make it better eventually makes for positive outlook/ outcome. People who are “trying their best” are shiny & beautiful.
(Got slightly off on a tangent there… sorry.)
The Cocktail-style Champagne Afternoon Tea will be held at The Park Lane Hotel (nearest station is Green Park), on Monday 30th of September between 3pm to 6pm, & the ticket price is 55 pounds per person.
Ah yes, 55 pounds may seem a little hefty. BUT here’s what I think about this; 
– there will be an amazing TWENTY-ONE super-chefs from 19 top-notch & famous establishments at our service, making our canapés, chocolates & pastries. You’ve probably heard of them if you’re from this part of the world: Ladurée, William Curley, Wolseley, Delaunay, Koffmann’s… And I would imagine that the chefs will really go out of their way to create the most beautiful stuff, since the place will be swimming with people in the same line of business. To be honest, if you’re any sort of pastry-lover, I really think it’s going to feel like paradise has descended in to one room in Piccadilly. I mean, there’s all these other 5-star establishments such as the Dorchester, Langham & Lanesborough participating too who’re famed for their afternoon tea. Sampling pastries from them all in one time? O.m.g, it’s going to be totally unreal! It’s going to be amazing.
I should also add that apparently some of the chefs will be holding the trays in the room. SO, which means, we’ll get to talk to them! And on the day, there will be raffle tickets on sale too – of which some of the prizes are:
- Koffmann’s dinner voucher
- The Delaunay afternoon tea voucher
There will also be a goodie bag from Valrhona, who is one of the sponsors of the event. 
So come join me on the 30th to hold a bubbly in one hand & mmm… & ahhh… at beautiful food, all in the name of charidy…!! :) (There are only a limited number of tickets so please book well in advance to avoid dissapointment!)
x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x . . x
Date: Monday 30th of September
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Venue: Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, Piccadilly, London W1J 7BX
Ticket Price: £55 per person
Dress Code: Smart Casual (children under 12 years old cannot be accommodated)
To purchase tickets, please visit www.pastry-network.com
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*all of the proceedings go to Make-A-Wish Foundation UK.


  1. *sigh* Still to far away for me to attend ;) I hate summer weather. The Brightness that Burns & her bosom companion, the Air that Strangles, have me wishing for an early Autumn!

    Comment by jonquil - September 4, 2013 2:49 pm

  2. Hello Jonquil! :) :) :)
    Lovely to hear from you! Your last sentence…! It’s very poetic! Love it! I’ve never heard of those 3 phrases before, so thank you for teaching me! ;) I’ll be using it from now on! x

    Comment by Tamami - September 4, 2013 4:13 pm

  3. That sounds lovely! Too bad I’ll be at work… But I hope it goes well.

    Thinking of weather, you must be relieved that it’s cooled down a bit… even if it does mean autumn’s coming?? xx

    Comment by Rachel - September 6, 2013 4:44 pm

  4. Hi Rachel!!!!!! :) :) Yes, I am relieved!!! And actually, autumn is my fave season!! – Hope all is good n’ dandy your end! xx

    Comment by Tamami - September 6, 2013 6:29 pm

  5. oh how i wish i had known about this sooner!! :(

    Comment by KlaireDL - September 25, 2013 3:06 pm

  6. Hello KlaireDL! I’m sorry to hear that you can’t make it! :(

    Comment by Tamami - September 25, 2013 6:41 pm

  7. Hi

    I am crazy about your cakes, they are so delicious! Do you make birthday cakes as well? I’m planning my daughter’s first birthday party and would love to buy one of your cakes.
    Let me know, please

    All the best

    Comment by Helena Soeiro - November 6, 2013 4:29 pm

  8. Hello Helena!
    I’ve emailed you!
    Best, Tamami

    Comment by Tamami - November 6, 2013 6:36 pm


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