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February 29th, 2016

Japanese kitchenware!

Firstly, I was going to write ‘Happy New Year to you all~!‘ but it’s just so late for me to post this, it’s too silly right? But I do want to squeeze in a cheeky blog post before it’s March atleast, so here it is, on a leap day of all days!


But seriously, can you believe that it’s almost March…??
Can I ask, how have you been doing so far this year? Have you acted upon your new year’s resolution? (that is, of course, if you’ve made one?)
My new year’s resolution this year is to get fitter (cliché! I know! Lol…), so I have joined a local fitness club!
I must say, I’m pretty chuffed with myself for actually ‘really’ signing up to it! Y’see, normally I slack on these types of actions until the very decision get dusted under the carpet… (of shame…)
But! But! But! Not in 2016! No, this time I’m doing it, & to prove a point, I have so far been to pilate classes twice a week since the beginning of January already! Yay to me! ^^
Anyway, as promised in my last post, here’s pictures of the kitchenware I purchased during my Japan trip! 
1. Japanese fish scaler.
The phrase “… the scales won’t fly everywhere!” on the packet was the clincher for me! Try as I may, to my annoyance, the pesky scales ‘ping’ away high, so hopefully with this promising tool those days will be over…?!
Japanese cfish scale remover kitchen tool / kitchenware - www.cocoandme.com
2. Cabbage shredder.
I l.o.v.e eating shredded cabbage! I will happily tuck in to a big mound of it, no problem! I love it even better when it has a guilty squeeze of ‘Kewpie’ mayonnaise on it…, &, &, oh,,,, whilst on the guilt trip, I might as well give in & accompany the cabbage with a calorific deep fried ‘tonkatsu’ (Japanese breaded & fried pork cutlet)… hmm…, writing this paragraph makes my craving go unmanageably wild… (cue the sound of stomach rumble.)
Japanese cabbage shredder kitchen tool / kitchenware - www.cocoandme.com
Anyway, whenever I have tried to cut the shredded cabbage manually with my knife, it is always on the thick side…, but… hopefully no more with this handy gadget! Airily fine shredded-cabbage-heaven is on the horizon…?
3. Stainless steel water flask. 
Lol, this one, I had no intention of purchasing. It was meant to be one of those items that you pick up off the shelf to have a briefest of looks, & then put down, y’know, as you do when browsing a shop. Then…, I made the fateful action of having a peek inside…
Japanese water flask with a smiley opening - www.cocoandme.comcocoandme_flaskwithsmile
Gahhhhh! Cuuuute… It’s got me~!
I imagined how every sip taken from this bottle will make me smile… like forever… & ever.** – SO it was off to the till with an item I had no intention of buying… I think it was helped by the ‘I’m on holiday, I might not come across this EVER again’ feeling. Do you ever get that? There’s something about being on holiday that makes one’s purse-strings loosen, don’t you think??
4. Bento-ware
For the past two years I’ve been making packed lunches for my children to take to school – because they are not much of a fan of english school dinners. To make their bento, I have to wake up an hour before everyone else in the house, but I never really find it boring or tiring. I keep my interest up by having inspiring tools. Well that’s the excuse for these purchases anyway! Lol! ^^
So I bought:
– A set of plastic toothpicks in shape of stalks. If you pierce mini-tomatoes on the ends, it’ll look like cherries! Fun! ^^
– Two ‘furoshiki’ style cloth bags for transporting the lunchboxes. You tie the two ends in to a knot to close the bag! Simple & beautiful.
– Seaweed punchers. You can punch out cute facial features from a sheet of ’nori’ seaweed sheet & stick it on to ‘onigiri’ rice balls! My almost-teenage son wouldn’t dare be seen with such cuteness at his secondary school, so I’ll use these only for my seven year old daughter…
Japanese bentoware / kitchenware - www.cocoandme.com
5. Stainless steel lunch box from Seagull
I’ve been lusting after a stainless steel lunch box for a while! Apparently theses are leak-proof. Super cool. ^^
Seagull bento box / lunch box/ kitchenware - www.cocoandme.com
6. SpreadTHAT Self Melting Butter Knife with serrated edge
Made from thermal conductive titanium, this modern looking knife transmits the warmth of your hands to heat the knife itself! It makes spreading the straight-from-the-fridge cold butter effortless. I’ll enjoy using this! ^^
Spread That butter knife/ kitchenware - www.cocoandme.com
7. Traditional “Jyu-bako”

And then, saving the best ’til the very last… – my best friend A surprised me with this beautiful present for Christmas!!! Wow…, I now own MY VERY OWN jyu-bako… I feel so grown up & proper…! ^^ Thank you Mrs.A!

Japanese jyu-bako/ lacquered three-tier box kitchenware - www.cocoandme.com
It is a lacquered three-tier box called a “Jyu-bako”. It is traditionally used as a special food container on New Years Day, or on special occasions during the year, for example Japanese people might use it for ‘ohanami’ = which translates to ‘flower-watching’. Japanese people picnic feast under the cherry blossom tree in Spring.
Talking of cherry blossoms, just last Saturday, I noticed that there were petals drifting in the air in front of my stall. For the initial second, I thought it was sprinkling snow because it was so c.o.l.d. that day, that it wouldn’t be so surprising that it did! Instead, it was nature’s gentle reminder that Spring is around the corner.
Anyway, for now, best of days to you all,
T xx


  1. Ooh! There are blossoms here too; I can’t help but feel sorry for the trees – I think March will be cold again, as it always is.
    You have such a good haul! I also like your excuses, hehe.

    I don’t make resolutions anymore because it ALWAYS works in reverse for me, gah! But full support & power to you Tamami! Happy new year!

    Comment by Minik - February 29, 2016 11:39 pm

  2. Happy new year to you too Minik!!!!!!!
    Lol, yes, sometimes even making silly excuses is enough to delude us into the make-believe that it’s okay right? :)

    And those blossoms, it’s lovely to see them so early though. It makes me appreciate it more… ;)

    Comment by Tamami - February 29, 2016 11:55 pm

  3. Akemashite omedeto, Tamami! What a haul! That jyu-bako is seriously gorgeous, and your bento supplies are so cute.

    Speaking of Kewpie mayo, I saw a karashi Kewpie mayo yesterday, and I regret not buying it.

    Everything is blooming so early isn’t it. I’m going to a hanami in Los Angeles on Hinamatsuri. I can’t wait.

    It’s always great reading your blog posts. Cheers!

    Comment by Yoshiko Yeto - March 1, 2016 1:43 am

  4. Yoshiko san,
    Akenashite omedetou gozaimasu!!!! :) How lovely that you are going on a ohanami on hinamatsuri day! That’s this Thursday!!! Lucky you! Here in uk, it’s sooooo cold still. There is no way I’m going to attempt it here!
    Y’know what, you reminded me that I need to get the hina dolls out of the attic!
    Karashi kewpie, sounds intriguing. I love their every product…! Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t live in Japan and have access to them, otherwise my salads will be drenched as if like a soup dish!

    Comment by tamami - March 1, 2016 2:16 am

  5. I want the butter knife! The cabbage shredder! The lunchboxes! The furoshiki bags!

    Comment by kanadelf - March 2, 2016 11:55 am

  6. :) :) :)
    Kanadelf, last time I checked, the butter knife & seagull lunch box was on amazon! Check it out! :)

    Comment by Tamami - March 2, 2016 12:30 pm

  7. The ohanami was wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s been so hot that the sakura started blooming in February! I caught it at the tail end, but it was worth it.

    It must’ve been fun to pull the hina dolls out. My mom kept mine… 😝

    Yes, I can totally relate wanting to drench everything in Kewpie mayo! Have a great day, Tamami!

    Comment by Yoshiko Yeto - March 8, 2016 1:02 am

  8. Yoshiko San! :)
    How fabulous that your ohanami was good!! I’m jealous! :) I wish I was there!
    Here in London, it doesn’t become picnic weather until something like Late May…!!!! And even then, there’s a high probability that it clouds up and it’s freezing cold! Then again, mind you, I’m not a big fan of hot weather anyway, so I’m not really complaining!
    This year, for the first time, I let the children decorate the hina dolls! Under my strict direction ofcourse! :) It’s so special, those dolls, I made them both wear cloth gloves when handling. – I must say, I love those dolls dearly, they come out so briefly from their box and then back away to storage again for another year!!! :)

    Comment by Tamami - March 8, 2016 11:04 am

  9. Happy New Year! Congrats on the exercise/get fit classes. Bet almost-teen-son would be more interested in the seaweed punchers if he had a sweetheart who thought they were cute ;) The butter knife sounds really cool! The grands have outgrown the urge to use lunch pails as weapons, but the grandson still doesn’t pay enough attention. That lovely steel pail would look like it went through a hail storm within a week!

    Comment by jonquil - March 11, 2016 1:41 am

  10. Hello Jonquil! :) Happy new year to you too! And thank you!!! ;) Our almost teenage son is behaving like a teen already…!!! I think starting to go to secondary school (from last September) has really contributed to his ‘growth spurt’! I might try sneak in a cute rice ball with a face one day…!! By the way, the butter knife, it hasn’t lived up to its promise, I need to hold it in my hand for s long time for my heat to warm up the tip end of the knife… Hm…, maybe I have cold hands!?
    Have a lovely weekend!
    T xx

    Comment by Tamami - March 11, 2016 8:55 am


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