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Coco&Me » Plastic-free

November 10th, 2016

I bought a non-plastic kettle!


Hi-hi everyone! This time, I’d like to show off my brand spanking new kitchen equipment!



_Hello, nice to meet you Mrs. Kettle, welcome to mine! :) :) :)


Ta-da~!!!!! It’s an ALL-STAINLESS-STEEL electric kettle by Ottoni Fabbrica & it’s non-plastic!!! Ooh it makes me so happy! :)

I do slightly fear that I may come across as a bit silly getting all excited over just a kettle…, lol, but you’ve gotta understand (!)
this is a cumulative result of me searching high & low for a non-plastic kettle for an age! Did you know that finding a kettle with absolutely zilch plastic parts is really hard?! You’d think that the stainless steel kettles out there on the market would be good enough, right?, but no…, they all have some sort of plastic part that would be in contact with the boiling water. For example the mesh lime scale filter by the spout – it has a plastic frame… And if the kettle has a a water level window on the side, that’s going to be made out of plastic too.



_Inside shot



_The kettle by Ottoni Fabbrica has a stainless steel mesh filter on the spout side. The mesh is the same height as the kettle, & although it doesn’t look it, it is actually removable for washing!


You’re probably wondering what the fuss is all about, right? Well, I’m on a mission to get away from the plastics. This is because I worry about harmful cancerous chemicals entering mine & my family’s body. My personal concern is especially bisphenol A (BPA) that mimics the oestrogen hormone. Was it this that fed my hormone-receptive breast cancer…? Having had the first-hand experience of cancer, where ever I can, I prefer to err on the side of caution.


“… considerable data indicate that exposure of humans to BPA is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, miscarriages, decreased birth weight at term, breast and prostate cancer, reproductive and sexual dysfunctions, altered immune system activity, metabolic problems and diabetes in adults, and cognitive and behavioral development in young children”

Mind you, it’s not just bisphenol A (BPA) that’s bad…, yikes…:


“Three plastics have been shown to leach toxic chemicals when heated, worn or put under pressure: polycarbonate, which leaches bisphenol A; polystyrene, which leaches styrene; and PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, which break down into vinyl chloride and sometimes contains phthalates that can leach.”


(Quoted from breast cancer fund)

So, here’s my review about the use of an all-stainless kettle in general & specifically about the Ottoni Fabbrica kettle:



  • In general, an all-stainless kettle has no plastic parts touching the water. It’s strong material will likely last for a long time. Stainless also doesn’t impart or absorb flavors or smells.
  • The Ottoni Fabbrica kettle is considerably a lot quieter than the plastic kettle I had previously! And the design of the spout on the Ottoni Fabbrica kettle is really nice – it pours water beautifully. Also worth mentioning is the large opening on the top which makes putting the water in easier.


  • In general, an all-stainless kettle is heavier than it’s plastic cousin. In my opinion, elderly people might find it cumbersome. It also gets pretty hot to the touch on the outside wall.
  • The Ottoni Fabbrica kettle is expensive compared to the standard price-point of it’s plastic cousin. The handle is still plastic (but atleast it’s not touching the water directly). I wish the handle was wooden…! It’ll really suit the rustic appearance of the kettle! Using wood will make these kettles truly plastic-free!


By the way, as far as I know, this is the only all-stainless steel interior electric kettle that I know which is available to the UK market.


The Ottoni Fabbrica kettles comes in two different shapes. To make the decision to choose harder, they have these in  an assortment of twenty colours & finishes to colour-match your kitchen! Below are the four that I liked the best: 


Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Bianco” 2400W 1,7 L

The colour-combo of white & silver reminds me of my iPhone!


Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Nero” 2400W 1,7 L

I like simplicity, so this one with the black handle was a possible candidate. It’s a classic look that you won’t get tired of.


Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Alice Elegance” 2400W 1,7 L

Similarly, how about an all-black one like this?? Rather slick don’t you think? It oozes calm modernity. Oh choices, choices…! :)


And then this is the one I went for. Ottoni Fabbrica Italian Top Kettle “Fjord Satinato” 2400W 1,7 L. It’s over twenty pounds more expensive than the others… but I liked the shape of the spout, & I liked the brushed stainless steel surface. I think the somewhat retro/ vintage-y/ nostalgic appearance is rather charming!

Btw, if you’re reading from the US, there are these that I found:

Precise Heat Electric Water Kettle – ​
The inside is definitely non-plastic! And it looks slightly similar to this one. ​
Kitchen Gizmo Double-Walled Kettle – ​
The inside is definitely non-plastic! But does look plasticky on the outside. ​
Secura SWK-1701DB Stainless Steel Kettle – ​
Again, the inside is definitely non-plastic! But does look plasticky on the outside. ​
Elementi Premier Gooseneck Kettle – ​ ​
This one is especially for making tea and coffee! ​
Anyways, I hope this write-up helped and guided you in the right direction! Happy shopping~!>