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Basic Ganache Truffles Recipe


Here is a recipe for basic ganache (‘ganache‘ is a french term referring to the blended mixture of chocolate & cream) & how to make rolled truffles which does not necessarily require you to temper. Also I will briefly discuss how to adapt this recipe so that you can easily make varieties of flavoured truffles.

Basic Ganache Truffles recipe:

  • 200g of fresh double cream
  • 300g of dark chocolate – preferably 70% cocoa solid (in button form is the easiest to melt quickly, or finely chopped from a bar – although bear in mind that chopping it up takes more time to do than you think)
  • 25g of glucose syrup (most home kitchens won’t have it, so use anything like golden syrup, honey, icing sugar, etc)
  • 25g of unsalted butter, cubed & left at room temperature
  • Optional: vanilla pod, straightened, split lengthways & beans scraped to use
  • Mixing bowl
  • Small saucepan
  • Baking sheet
  • Cling film
  • Food hygiene gloves
  • 200g dark chocolate for coating the truffles
  • 200g cocoa powder in a shallow dish

1. Have the chocolate ready in a mixing bowl.

2. Heat double cream & glucose in a smallest saucepan you have. Bring it to simmering point (here, you can boil the cream with vanilla pod & the seeds to give it the extra level of complexity!).
3. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate.

4. Leave to stand for 10 seconds. Then use your spatula to mix it in – SLOWLY – from the centre, incorporating more cream from the sides as you do it – slowly…
5. Mix in the butter, & slowly whisk til it dissolves. (If you still have lumps left, give it a 5 second wiz in the microwave)

6. Cling film the bowl & place on the top shelf in your refrigerator.

7. Now we wait for it to semi-set. This could take anything from 5 miniutes to 20 minutes depending on your refrigerator settings. During this time keep checking & give it a stir now & again so that it semi-sets evenly.

8. Once it is of pipe-able texture, spatula it in to a piping bag (if you do not have a piping bag, the best alternative is to use plastic freezer/ sandwich bags, & cut one corner off).

9. Pipe small mounds on to the baking sheet (at this point don’t worry about the shapes).
10. Loosely cling film, & put it back in the refrigerator.

11. Once firm, use your food hygiene gloves, & roughly roll it in to balls (there is no need to be perfectly round here – we’re aiming for the ‘rustic‘ look!).

12. Place dark chocolate in a bowl & melt it in the microwave.
13. Coat each ganache balls thinly & place it in to the cocoa powder dish.

Of course, it does not have to be dipped in to the cocoa powder at step 13. You can have chopped nuts, icing sugar, etc. And if you master how to ‘Temper’ (a particular way of melting the chocolate), you can just coat the truffles with just the beautifully tempered chocolate.

You can also start experimenting with different flavours too! Below are some examples:

  • Raspberry ganache: Add raspberry jam to the ganache before step 6.
  • Earl Grey ganache: Brew earl grey with the double cream at step 2.
  • Rum ganache: Pour Rum after step 5.

Infinite & fun possibilities…