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January 19th, 2017

Happy new year 2017.

It’s a new year, a new beginning…


Belated happy new year everyone!


How is 2017 panning out for you so far? Back to the usual routine by now?


Personally, what with what’s going on, welcoming this new year feels a bit like starting with the dreaded next chapter in a book where the last chapter ended badly.


And indeed, this new year started off on the wrong foot. I was straight back for treatment on the very next day we came back from our Germany trip… Aw dear readers…, I couldn’t help but feel miserable :( it was like an unwelcome reminder of how 2017 is going to be for me… You know, it felt like reality face slapping. Ouch. (sigh…)


BUT…! And there is always a ‘but’, right? :)


Just yesterday, on my way home from the radiotherapy session in town, as I watched a guy climbing up the stairs two-steps at a time, I copied & I did too! Just imagine me taking big strides on the steps at Kings Cross station! Lol. The point is, I think my energy is coming back, I CAN FEEL IT. As well as skipping the steps, I’ve been making it a mission to walk on the escalators to clock in more step counts too. And using the stairs instead of taking the lifts! I think it’s paying off. :)


PLUS…! I come with amazing news to share with you.


Folks, Coco&Me has received its first ever Christmas present!!!! Our fabulous/ genius/ uber-kind bestie Mr.A (who we stayed with in Germany) has SUPER kindly offered to update the site so that it is mobile responsive! (Yah, I know, you don’t need to tell me, like, ‘finally’ huh?) When Mr.A handed me a Christmas card of a hand holding a mobile, I didn’t ‘get’ it, but when he explained, oh my gosh I was sooooo extremely happy, I cried! :) :) :)




Mr.A, You know what you did? You brightened the start of 2017 for me. And your show of kindness will positively glow in my soul. :) Thank you so much.


In detail, not only will the site become mobile responsive, he will be creating a proper recipe page where all the recipes I’ve posted in the last 10 years will be easily accessible.


What’s more, the graphics will all be in vector so that it’a crisp-looking, and and and… ah yes, I’ve taken this opportunity to start on INSTAGRAM!!!!


You’ll find me on: https://www.instagram.com/_coco_and_me_/


Ha ha, again, like finally, right…!? I know that it won’t look as beautiful as the others nor will I be uploading pictures so strategically, but I’ll give it a shot in my own way!


Not sure when we’re rolling out the remodelled website, but when it does, I hope that you’ll like it & agree that it is a major improvement!


T xx

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